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Bible Questions and Answers

Matthew McGee

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Salvation: How can a person be saved?
Water baptism: Is baptism in water required for salvation?
Unpardonable sin: What is the unpardonable sin?
Law and grace: Can those who mix law and grace, still be saved?
Tongues: Is speaking in tongues required for salvation?
Atonement: How did Jesus Christ atone for our sins?
Forgiveness: Have all of our sins been forgiven, or are we to frequently ask God for forgiveness?
Doomed denominations? Are there entire churches or entire denominations which are doomed?
Suicide: If a Christian commits suicide, do they lose their salvation?
Rewards: Is there a difference between salvation and rewards?
Unlimited atonement: Did the shed blood of Jesus Christ provide atonement for the sins of all people?
Narrow gate: What are the narrow gate and the wide gate of which Jesus spoke?
Assurance of salvation: Can a person be truly saved and then lose their salvation?
Cliches: Should Christians tell potential believers to, "Ask Jesus into your heart."?
Virgin Birth: Does a person have to initially believe in the virgin birth in order to be saved?

Apostle Paul

Epistle of Hebrews: Who do you believe wrote the epistle of Hebrews?
Thorn in the flesh: What was Apostle Paul's "thorn in the flesh"?
Twelfth apostle: Who took the place of Judas Iscariot as the twelfth apostle, Matthias or Paul?
Direct revelations: Did Paul receive his doctrines from the other apostles or directly from the Lord?
Mystery of the gospel: Was Paul the first apostle to know of our Lord paying for our sins through His death?
Paul's martyrdom: When and where did Paul die? What were the circumstances of his martyrdom?
The council at Jerusalem: Was Paul's meeting with the other apostles in Galatians 2 the same meeting as Acts 15?
To the Jews first: Why did Paul first share the gospel with the Jews, before going to the Gentiles?

The Rapture

The rapture: What will happen when we are raptured?
Purpose of the rapture: What is the purpose of the rapture?
Timing of the rapture: Will the rapture occur before the tribulation, in the middle, at the end, or when?
Safer after? Isn't it safer for a Christian to believe the rapture is after the tribulation than before?
Last trump: Is the "last trump" that Paul mentioned the same as the seventh trumpet in Revelation?
Another chance: Can those who reject Jesus Christ before the rapture still get saved during the tribulation?
Children in the rapture / age of accountability? Will all children be raptured? And is an "age of accountability"?
Who's left to resurrect? If all Christians are raptured before the tribulation, then who is resurrected at the end of it?

The Tribulation

The 144,000: Why do you say the 144,000 in the tribulation will all be young men of the nation of Israel?
Seven years: How do we know that the tribulation will last seven years?
Messiah: During the tribulation, will the adherents to the law know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah?
Sheep and goats: Will the dividing of the sheep and the goats happen before or after the thousand year kingdom?
America: Where does America fit into the prophecies of the end times?
Apostle John: Does the Bible say that the Apostle John would not die before the Lord's return?

Rightly Dividing the Word

Replacement theology: Has the Church replaced Israel, and will the prophecies about Israel be fulfilled in the Church?
Old Testament and Revelation: Why does God repeat the old testament writings in the book of Revelation?
One gospel: Is there only one gospel?
Tithing: Is it an old testament commandment only, or should it still be in effect today?
Sabbath day: Are Christians supposed to keep the sabbath day?
Lord's prayer: Does the "Lord's Prayer" apply to us today in the church age?
Tongues and healing: Are the sign gifts such as tongues and healing still valid for the church today?
Isaiah 53: Does Isaiah 53 have the "gospel" in it, that Jesus Christ would die for our sins?
Saved by grace: When Peter says he was saved by grace, did he mean that he was not saved under the kingdom gospel?
Epistle of James: Is the letter of James written to Jewish assemblies or to the church?
Rules: How can we know which rules from previous dispensations apply today and which ones no longer apply?
Dispensations: To really understand God's Word, is it necessary to understand the dispensations?
Book of Revelation: When was the book of Revelation written?
Body of Christ: When did this present dispensation of grace begin, and when did the body of Christ began?
Law of Moses: Did God abolish the Law for Christians?


Best translation? Is the King James Version of the Bible the best English translation?
Perfect translation? Is the King James Version of the Bible a perfect translation?


Happiness in heaven: How will Christians be able to be happy in heaven, while knowing others are suffering in hell?
Hades: If no one is in the lake of fire yet, then why is the rich man in Luke 16 being burned?
Degrees of punishment: Will the lost have different degrees of eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire?

Creation and the Flood

Creation: When did the creation take place? And what about the "gap theory"?
Creation of Angels: When were all the heavenly beings created, including the angels and Satan?
Satan's fall: When when did Satan first sin against God?
Bondage of corruption: Is the earth under the bondage of corruption because of Satan's sin or Adam's sin?
Creator: Who is the Creator?
Dinosaurs: What about the dinosaurs?
Atheists: How could anyone look at all of God's creation and still believe that there is no God?
Long life spans: Why are the typical life spans before Noah's flood so long?
Adam's rib: Was Eve made from a rib taken out of Adam?
Fish on the ark? During Noah's flood, were the fish and other aquatic life protected aboard the ark?
Cain's wife: Where did Cain get his wife?

Word Meanings

BC and AD: In referencing years, what do "BC" and "AD" mean?
Church: Does the word "church" always refer to Christians?
Dispensation: What is a "dispensation"?
Hebrews/Israelites/Jews: What is the difference between the terms "Hebrews", "Israelites", and "Jews"?
Kinsman Redeemer: What is a Kinsman Redeemer?
"LORD" and "Lord": Is there a difference between "LORD" and "Lord" in the scriptures?
Mystery: What is a "mystery"?
Prophesying: Does the word "prophesying" just mean teaching and preaching?
Unicorn: Please explain the old testament references to "unicorns" in the KJV.
Week of years: What is meant by a "week" in Daniel 9, or a "week of years" as some Bible teachers refer to it?

Old Testament

God in human form: Does the old testament say that God would come in the form of a man to rule the earth?
Israel's purification: Does the old testament say the Jews have to get back into the will of God before God will set up the Kingdom?
Two comings of Messiah: Does the old testament say there will be two comings of the Messiah?
Eternal life in old testament: Did God promise the saints in the old testament eternal life?

Right and Wrong

There are a few "right-and-wrong" issues already discussed under the categories above, but below are a few more that do not necessarily fit into those categories:

Abortion: Does the Bible have anything to say about abortion?
Capital punishment: What does the Bible tell us that our government should do in regard to capital punishment?
Cloning: Does the Bible say anything about cloning humans or animals?
Corporal punishment: Does the Bible recommend that parents spank disobedient children?
Cremation: Does the Bible say if cremation is okay?
Dancing: Does the Bible forbid dancing?
Divorce: What does the Bible tell us about divorce and remarriage?
Euthanasia: Is euthanasia (so-called, mercy killing) okay?
Fasting: What does the Bible tell us about fasting?
Gambling: Does the Bible tell us whether gambling a sin or not?
Governmental authority: What responsibilities do Christians have to governmental authorities?
Homosexual activity: What Bible passages are there regarding homosexual activity?
Present moment: Should Christians practice focusing on the present moment, blocking out the past and the future?
Putting God in a box: If you say what God will or won't do, aren't you "putting God in a box"?
Vengeance: Is it okay for Christians to take vengeance upon those who do us wrong?
Women as preachers: Is it alright for women to be preachers?

Other Questions

Anointing accounts: Why are there differences between the four accounts of women anointing Jesus?
Application of scripture: How does this passage (whatever it may be) apply to my life today?
Christ's crucifixion: In what year was Jesus Christ crucified?
Curse of Jeconiah: How can Jesus be King, since there was a curse placed upon King Jeconiah and his descendants?
Denominations: Why are there so many different denominations?
Genesis 4:7: What does Genesis 4:7 mean when God tells Cain, about sin lying at the door?
God's love for Israel: Why does God love Israel so?
Jesus and angels: Is there any truth to the teachings of certain sects that say Jesus Christ is actually one of the angels?
Job: When did Job live?
John the Baptist: Why did Jesus say that the least in the kingdom of God will be greater than John the Baptist?
Les Feldick: How did I meet Les Feldick?
Manasseh and Ephraim: How did Manasseh and Ephraim become two of the twelve tribes of Israel?
Marys: There are several women named Mary present at the crucifixion. Who is who?
Passion: How accurate is the Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion of the Christ"?
Satan: Does Satan have the ability to read our thoughts?
Sin: Did we become sinners the first time we sinned or were we born sinners as a result of Adam's sin?
Soul sleep: When Christians die, do our souls go to the be with the Lord or sleep until the Christ returns?
Study tips: Can you recommend any good Bible study resources or study tips?
Tribes of Israel: Questions about the tribes of Israel?
Trinity: Does the doctrine of the Trinity or Triune Godhead come from the Bible?
Word of God: How do we know that the Bible is the true Word of God?

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