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Beliefs and Background Summary

Welcome to "Wielding the Sword of the Spirit". I hope that you find this site helpful towards understanding God's Word. Many people send me email asking about my background and if I have a denominational affiliation. It really is not important who I am. But since so many ask, I have decided to answer some of those questions here.

I am just another member of the Body of Christ. I am not a pastor, nor do I have any formal theology degrees. I study the Bible to see what God's Word says, and I do not adhere to any denomination. I take the word of no man when it comes to doctrine. That is not to say that I do not listen to other teachers, for certainly I have benefited greatly from the help of many fine Bible teachers, and I still do. I simply mean that I always check the scriptures to see how any preacher's or teacher's statements line up with God's Word. If it does not square with scripture, forget about it. I would hope that others would do the same with my writings.

I also operate another web site at called "Through the Bible with Les Feldick". Perhaps you have seen the program on TV. My wife and I love to study God's Word and are blessed by Les Feldick's teaching. His students come from many different denominations, and also many are non-denominational.

As for my beliefs, they are detailed in the many articles on this web site and also in the Questions and Answers section, but I will provide a brief summary here.

Salvation is by faith in the gospel plus nothing (not by works). The gospel is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, freely gave His life as the sacrifice that paid for all of our sins. He was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead.

I also believe in the eternal security of the believer, the pre-tribulational rapture, the pre-millennial second coming of Jesus Christ, the literal six-day creation, and the literal global flood.

To be properly understood, the Bible must be interpreted literally, except in passages that explain that they are a parable or symbolic. We should compare scripture with scripture, allowing the Bible to explain itself. Also to be properly understood, the Bible must be studied dispensationally. I believe that this present dispensation of Grace began with the conversion of Saul/Paul in Acts chapter 9 and recognize Paul as our Apostle for this present dispensation of Grace (Romans 11:13). See the "Rightly Dividing the Word" section of this web site.

These things and many others are explained in much more detail, with scriptural references, in the articles on this web site. If I can help with any questions or if you have comments, just let me know. May our Lord bless you in your study of His Word.

Grace and Peace be with you,

Matthew McGee

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