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Remember, don't just believe it because someone says it. Look and see what the Bible says.

Acts 9 Dispensational Bible Study Sites

Through the Bible with Les Feldick - Transcripts and MP3 audio recordings of nearly 1000 rightly divided, TV programs are on-line free for both reading and listening anytime. Internet TV can also be viewed at regular scheduled broadcast times.

The Dispensational Berean - Many good Bible articles and lots of links to other dispensational Bible study sites.
[Note: This site has links to some dispensational Bible study sites that are not of the Acts 9 view, but they have grouped the links by their doctrinal positions. See the "Mid-Acts" page of their "Links" section for the Acts 9 dispensational sites.]

Berean Bible Society - Founded by Cornelius Stam, author of "Things that Differ", this organization has many good Bible teaching books.

Mid Acts Truths by Gary Johnson - Detailed studies of Acts, Romans, and Matthew rightly divided.

Berean Classroom by Jordan Karr - Rightly divided studies by topic and by book with text and audio, including studies of Daniel and several of Paul's epistles.

Grace Bible Church - Venice, Florida

Grace Church Directory - Pastor Dwight Anderson is now keeping up the list of grace churches that Mark McGee used to have on his web site.

Bible Study Resources

Online Bible: Inexpensive Bible software for your computer. I have enjoyed using this program for years.

E-Sword: Free Bible software for your computer.

Blue Letter Bible: Interlinear Hebrew and Greek plus many other study tools.

Bible Study Tools: A wide variety of study tools including concordances, Bible dictionaries, a Biblical encyclopedia, lexicons, history, and more.

Bible Gateway: Read or perform word searches in several Bible translations.

Audio Bible: Listen to the King James Version of the Bible as you view the scriptures. To play the audios, you will need the free RealPlayer software.

Prison Mission Association: Providing life-changing FREE Bible correspondence courses (both in English & Spanish)

Other Good Sites

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Research Society

Answers In Genesis

Creation Ministries International

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